How to watch streaming video with some expectation of privacy: Proxy your IP address and protect your online identity. Here’s how:

SafeIP for Windows computers (Mac alternative below) : Why would you want anyone to know where you are while watching streaming media? CDNs, ISPs, work firewalls can restrict access by your location or even your office block of IP addresses. Many fortune 1000 companies’ web sites display differently depending on where you are. The utility lets you select a proxy IP address geographically, and you will appear to be located in that country, and can even rotate them regularly to achieve reasonable privacy.

This software currently has 10 geographically dispersed locations, but more importantly is free as in freedom. Some of thr locations are the US, UK, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Poland, Italy, Germany, and France. You can select any one you choose to have your traffic routed through their proxy servers so any site you visit or app you open thinks you’re in that location, because your traffic will be. You can randomly change your IP address & location automatically every 5, 10, 30 minutes, Ghost in the Shell style.

SafeIP is a proxy. You can encrypt your traffic in the settings, the way a VPN would, but it’s not on by default. SafeIP is designed for private, anonymous browsing, and getting around location restrictions, not security.

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SafeIP FAQ / knowledge base

Did Steve Jobs sell you a powerbook or mac mini ? Perhaps you have an iMac. iPhone? iPad? iPod? how many more rectangles with screens can we endure?

Mac users have two good options, hideman [ ] and tunnelbear [ ].
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