University of British Columbia

June 16, 2004 10:29 am Tags: No Comments 0

What better way to start off Radio Free Pacific then from Vancouver, British Columnia at the New Media Consoritium (NMC) conference.

The University of British Columbia is absolutelydelightful. It reminds me in many ways of my experience at Penn State University – a large, research driven University with more resources for students than most medium sized cities. On top of that, the weather is unusaully warm, and sunny for this time of year.

I’m staying at the Conference Facilities right on campus, so the only commute to conference events is a short stroll past the Student Union Building (a massive structure, bigger than Olson Auditorium at PLU).

The train ride up (via Amtrak) was fantastic. I have had some of the best travel experiences of my life via Amtrak between Eugene, OR and Seattle + Vancouver. A meandering journey past hidden coast lines and backwater views.

It’s nice to “pick up the phone” and revisit the blogosphere. Since beginning my position at PLU, I haven’t had time to develop the weblog concept I began with GravityLab Media.