Engaging Learners through Digital Storytelling

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For the early afternoon workshop at the NMC Conference, I decided to attend a Digital Storytelling workshop. I’ve had a vision for the last few years about adopting a short story (written by someone more talented than me, I’m sure) for the web, mainly as a vehicle to sell it (either to publishers or consumers).

There were three instructors for this workshop, all of them from rural Georgia. The accents alone made this workshop well worth the time. . .The entire workshop powerpoint presentation and additional information will be available 6/22/04 right here.

“Grounded in the ancient art of storytelling and created with the tools of new media, the digital story is becoming a popular means of communicating personally artisitically, and commercially. We have found digital storytelling also has a significant role to play in teaching and learning . . .”

Stories define:

“Who we are
We we have come from.
Where we are going . . . and what we care about.
Stories Give life!”

-Dana Atchley: Next Exit

Digital Stortelling

Digital Story Telling builds engagement : Involving students to foster understanding.

There is an amazing amount of introspection and reflection during the DST creation process. This introspection can be a collaborative endeavor (by having students working in groups).

– Our task as facilitators is to provide an environment that facilitates involvment, participation and action. Provide tools that undergraduates will have tools for their entire academic career.

a. Goals of digital storytelling:

– 1st Person Narrative Writing
– Editing
– Visual Literacy – Writing to complement and match visual images (“reading pictures”)
– Peer Review
– Process
– New Media
– Authentic Learning and Assessment – Representing what they know

b. Student/Creator Workflow:

Use a First person narrative. Don’t discourage 1st person pronoun (“I”).

Shot list or Storyboard
Essential before production begins




c. Question to engage:

Why is this story important now?

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