Frances Himes from Apple Computer “Inspiring Digital Expression in Students”

June 18, 2004 9:51 am Tags: No Comments 0

Frances Himes, Apple Computer’s Senior Director for Educational Marketing gave the opening presentation this morning. Interesting to listen to a senior Apple computer employee. Here are my notes on her talk:

She highlighted the differences between “Digital Native students” and “Digital Immigrants” ; the core difference between those born before and after 1982. Today’s students begin to work and to think based on working interactively and networking with many others simultaneously looking for learning that is relevant, instantly useful and fun.

The best learning occurs when people’s emotions are involved.

When the two worlds of “Digital natives” and “Digital Immigrants” are combined sucessfully in a teaching and learning environment you achieve:

– Visual and information fluency
– Ethnorelativism
– Adaption
– Integration of multiple symbols and languages (understanding of context)
– Analytical surveying of complex landscapes
– The blending of polarities: affective and cognitive

“The risk is not one of whether or not faculty members adopt technology, but rather the absence of faculty interaction in the digital environments where today’s students live and learn.”

Is technology learning ubiquitous or pervasive? What are the trends?

What about pervasive learning? Students do not look at technology as a tool – it is part of their environment. We, as educators, need to empower digital expression.

We need to engage students as creators of digital media and Foster pervasive learning environments.

How can we find a way to prepare people for society with digital media?

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