Point Defiance Zoo

July 22, 2004 2:23 pm Tags: No Comments 0

The Point Defiance Zoo is located at Point Defiance Park, and is currently exhibiting their Asian Forest Sanctuary.

The Zoo basically did a pretty nice job with some of the landscaping (lots of bamboo), the animals are pretty exotic and fairly interesting. Unfortunately, on our way to the Zoo we hit some hideous Tacoma rush hour traffic (we were late leaving) and ended up at THE CONGESTED INTERSECTION OF DOOM. It’s hard to be patient with traffic, but it’s like complaining about the weather. My girlfriend was sick and wouldn’t let me drive (this is a phenomenon that I really don’t pretend to understand … an endearing trait, however I can’t help but find it endearing), and I think by the time we got to the zoo she didn’t really have the right frame of mind to enjoy it. Nevertheless, it’s hard to be discontent at the zoo, traffic or not, and it was a pretty nice stroll around some exoctic animals.

[side note: Kahra’s battery wasn’t charged on the digital camera (my fault) and I couldn’t snap as many photos as I would like, but here’s a few:]