Multimedia PBS Web Only Series: POV Borders

I’ve been a fan of the documentary film showcase ‘Point of View‘ on PBS for a couple of years now. I was just checking out their site on PBS to see if they were starting to make any of the shows available via streaming media. Unfortunately, they are not (however, you can order them) but I was pleasently suprised & enchanted to stumble across a web-only multimedia series by the same production team, called Borders . Without a doubt, work a look. Kind of a multimedia mish mash of Flash, HTML, audio, video and slide show graphics, but well executed. Designed and deployed by a web design firm in Santa Monica I’ve come across before, called Kapow.

“What is a border? How much is real and how much is in your mind? P.O.V.’s Borders is an on-going web-original series that explores the borders in our lives with new themed installments launched annually. For this second episode, we’ve chosen environment as our theme. . .”

Everyday we make choices about what we eat, drink and breathe. . .
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