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Linking to mp3 Streams

Linking to mp3 streams from your mp3 hosting account requires a text file with the extension .m3u. This file has the URL to your mp3 stream in it. For instance, if a mp3 playlist named “Blues” was playing from the Streaming Server, and the domain name of the server was, the m3u file would contain the link:

The “:8000” is the port for streaming mp3 playlists from Darwin Streaming Server. If you enable port 80 streaming the “:8000” is not required. The .m3u file could be placed on any web server, and linked to a web page with the standard tag. For instance, to link to a file named “blues.m3u” from a web page in the same directory with the file, the link could be:

Play the blues

Note: For .m3u files to work correctly, your web server must be configured to deliver the correct mime type for .m3u files:
audio/x-mpegurl .mp4

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