How to convert AVI to Windows Media

April 27, 2007 3:09 pm Tags: , No Comments 0

Here’s how to use Windows Media Encoder 9 to convert your AVI file into Windows Media video.

1. Double click the download, and install Windows Media Encoder on your system
2. After install, launch it.
3. Select “Convert a File” – Click “OK”
4. Browse and find your AVI in the “Source File” box
5. The “Output File” will automatically fill in with your file name, don’t change it
6. Click “NEXT”
7. Select “Windows Media server (streaming)”
8. Click Next
9. Select “Video – VHS Quality Video” and  “Audio – CD Quality Audio”
10. Select “400 kbps” uncheck 300kbps if it is checked
11. Type in your descriptions – Click next
12. Select “Begin converting when I click “Finish” – then click finish

When Windows Media Encoder is finished, go to your folder where your files are (you should have an AVI and WMV)

You can then upload the Windows Media Video file to your Gravlab account

Link to your video with mms://