How to make an m3u audio playlist

April 27, 2007 3:13 pm Tags: , No Comments 0

Instructions for creating the playlist file:

1. Open up a text editor such as Windows Notepad

3. Type in the FULL path to the Web Address (URL) of your MP3 or WMA music file.

If it’s an MP3 music file, type it in like this:


Repeat for each mp3 you want to add

Save this text file with an .m3u (universal playlist) extension.

Example: playlist.m3u

There is no limit to how may songs you can include in an individual playlist. In a playlist with more than one song, each song is buffered and streamed individually. Therefore, it makes no difference how many songs are referenced in one playlist file. Each song will play one after the other without user intervention. Also, in a playlist with more than one song, the site visitor can use the Media Player controls to skip forward or back a track (song) in the playlist, and also has the option of “previewing” a short clip or a series of short clips of each song in the playlist.

Link to the m3u file (you can put the .m3u file in your GravityLab account or on your website server, it makes no difference)