Play a quicktime movie outside of the web browser

August 15, 2007 9:22 am Tags: No Comments 0

If you want to launch the standard Quicktime player outside of the web page, you need to create a reference movie — a tiny file that points to the URL of the real movie. Follow these steps to create a reference movie:

1. Put your actual movie on our server.
2. Open QuickTime Player on any computer with internet access
3. Choose Open URL (File menu) and type in the URL of your movie
4. Your movie should open. If it autoplays, stop it and rewind it to the beginning. Choose Save (not Save As). This creates a tiny reference movie that’s basically a wrapper around the URL of the actual movie.
5. Quit. Change the file extension of the little reference movie from .mov to .qtl .
6. Put the .qtl reference movie on your Web server and link to it from your Web page