Expression Encoder and Windows Media

From the Microsoft Expression Encoder download site:

“Microsoft® Expression® Encoder, a feature of Expression Media, offers encoding, enhancement, and publishing of rich media experiences to Microsoft Silverlight. ”

Features Include:

Better Encoding

VC-1 advanced authoring SDK integration: by adopting the new VC-1 authoring SDK, Expression Encoder 2 is able to author better quality video faster. We’ve exposed a set of presets for tuning the encoder as well as detailed settings with comprehensive tooltips for the advanced compressionist.

New profiles, and video codecs for streaming media: Encoder 2 supports a number of new modes and codecs including Quality VBR, WMA Pro (stereo), WMA Lossless, 24 bit audio and audio/video encoding stream selection.

  • Improved MPEG source support: We now include an MPEG 2 decoder in the product to give a consistent story across platforms. The decoder we ship supports transport streams (so you are able to work with sources that originated from HDV cameras. Seeking performance and accuracy has been greatly improved.
  • Better multi-core performance: we are not done with performance enhancements by any means but have made decent progress in Expression Encoder 2, particularly on multi-core systems.
  • Improved aspect ratio handling: by default, the new Profile Adaptive mode is selected which preserves the width specified in the profile but varies the height according to the aspect ratio of the source. Translation: it just works. Additionally, when Source compression is used the aspect ratio mode as well as pixel aspect settings are fixed up to ensure source compression will just work.
  • Pre-processing enhancements: the new Pre-processing palette contains a number of settings for controlling resizing (Bicubic, Lanczos, Supersampling in addition to nearest neighbor and bilinear), de-interlacing and audio options. As well as detecting the need to de-interlace from the header of the file, the user can manually override the defaults. In addition to the V1 capabilities, Expression Encoder 2 includes inverse telecine as well as a new pixel-adaptive de-interlacer. On the audio side, there is a volume leveling filter as well as a volume control.

Better Silverlight Interactive experiences

The second bucket of functionality covers improvements to Silverlight output.

  • New templates: We’ve revisited both the functionality and the design of our core Silverlight Templates. As before these support core functionality such as Chapter points and close captioning and are user extensible.
  • Template Parameters: We have had a lot of requests for more and easier control of how templates behave. Examples include not automatically playing (or buffering) the video, being able to control the background color of the HTML and more. In Expression Encoder 2 we’ve added parameters to templates. The parameter system is extensible enabling developers to easily expose custom things e.g. skin primary color etc.

Download Expression Encoder for Microsoft Silverlight

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