Paradigm shift for radio broadcast medium

This panel discussion took place at the RSA regarding the future of radio.

The UChannel, Princeton’s eclectic education video blog, has a great summary:

Radio as a medium of culture and information is about to undertake a paradigm shift. It’s not that radio needs a new story, it has one already. The question is how are we going to adapt to it?

Future radio offers radical new ways of engagement. The opportunities offered by high speed connectivity between portable handheld devices, the wide take up of wi-fi internet broadband, the nascent vitality of social networking sites and the inevitable process of human viral networking will increasingly define the future radio landscape.

Future radio will be a multi-media, downloadable, time-switchable, podcastable, portable, interactive, international and consumer-led process.

Are we ready for it? Can we afford it? Can we afford not to afford it? Do we have to let go of all we hold dear? And how do we ensure that a remarkable radio heritage is not lost in the process?

Listen to the panel discussion (MP3)