The record industry and our desire to be entertained

The record industry decline actually began the day the Sony Walkman was released.

Up until the Walkman’s innovation, people shared the experience of music. They bought records and played them for their friends. But once they had a portable player, with earphones firmly nestled in their ears, sharing music was no longer important. And by the time downloading was introduced, listening on your own was well established.

Let’s face facts. Americans want to be entertained. The average American family is watching American Idol, Hannah Montana, and buying Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto. The record business is being given a real run for its money. Those shiny music discs are just no competition for what is considered entertainment these days.

Many in the business are trying to solve this difficult problem. But to solve it, you need to understand what the problem really is.

From KCRW‘s On The Beat, find out why the music business needs to adjust to meet the market rather than hoping the market will come and meet them.