How to configure JW Player to stream FLV or MP4 video

November 18, 2008 1:02 pm Tags: , No Comments 0

Note: for GravityLab Multimedia customers, this method only applies to our Live Broadcasting packages. Pseudo-streaming is available with all standard on-demand video hosting accounts, and does not require rtmp configuration.

  1. Download the free JW Player from and unzip the file somewhere on your computer
  2. Open the newly created directory, you should see several files. Upload the following files to your web server, or to your GravityLab home directory.
    • readme.html
    • swfobject.js
    • player.swf
  3. Open readme.html in your favorite HTML or text editor.
  4. Find the code that begins with <div id=”container”> and ends with </script>. This is the section of code you’ll need to edit and then copy and paste into your own page.
  5. Find this line of code:
    s1.addParam(“flashvars”,”file=video.flv&image=preview.jpg”); and replace it with the following (for FLV files):
    OR, if you’re streaming mp4, .mov, or .m4v files, replace that line of code with:
  6. Keep in mind that is just one of our servers, and if your files are on a different server, then you will replace with If you need help with this part, contact us and we’ll get you squared away.
  7. After you’ve copied and pasted that section of code and customized it to point to our servers, you can save it and view it in your web browser.