How to convert videos from the Flip camcorder to FLV

July 3, 2009 1:57 pm Tags: No Comments 0

One of the great things about the Flip camcorder is that it saves video using the H.264 Codec. If you haven’t heard, H.264 is arguably the best quality video codec out there, renowned for its high quality, low file size, and lack of artifacting. Luckily, since the release of Flash 9, H.264 is now a web standard. So, if you want to convert your flip MP4 videos to FLV files (from their native mp4 format), all you have to do is rename from “filename.mp4” to “filename.flv”, and the video should play back with any video player.

Also note, this applies to any mp4 video as well. If you want to convert videos from MP4 to FLV, try renaming the file before you mess with transcoding the video to FLV with a third party encoding program.