Television, Internet and Mobile video usage in the US

Nielson has released their quarterly “Three Screens” report, tracking television, online video and mobile video usage. Here are the highlights:

Key Conclusions:

• Mobile subscribers watching video on a mobile phone year-over year growth is a notable 51.2%
• Over half (55%) of the mobile video audience is aged 25-49, not teens as some might think
• Simultaneous usage of television and PC remains fairly constant
• Broadband: 63.5% of homes now have broadband Internet access, with high-speed connections that improve online video delivery
• Smartphones: Nearly a quarter of households (up 38% year-over-year) have smartphones (mobile phones with advanced operating systems), making it easier for consumers to “place shift” and watch video wherever they are

Trends to Watch:

• As smartphone penetration continues to proliferate, consumers will be increasingly using these devices (versus PCs) to access the Internet
• With networks beginning to develop loyalty programs for their shows (via apps, etc.), social media will play a larger role in audience engagement
• 3D televisions and content hitting the market may cause a change in viewing behaviors and programming demand for a small but important audience segment
• The emergence of other connected devices, including tablet computers like Apple’s popular iPad, will create additional options for media consumption anytime, anywhere

“Beyond the TV, technology is helping drive video use on the ‘second’ and ‘third’ screens. The proliferation of broadband access is bolstering online video, creating an alternative mass outlet for distributing television content and ‘timeshifting’ long-form TV. Similarly, the increased popularity of smartphones has created yet another opportunity for distributing video of all kinds outside of traditional broadcast and cable TV airing times and places. In an era when many feel the quality and diversity of video content is at an all-time high, it’s clear that there’s more at work than programming alone. Technology enhancements also contribute significantly to the quality of the consumer experience—yet another reason today’s consumers watch more video, across time and place, than ever before.”

Q1 2010 Highlights:

• The amount of time spent watching television is still increasing: viewers watched two more hours of TV per month in Q1 2010 than in Q1 2009
• Average time spent simultaneously using TV and Internet in the home grew 9.8%, to 3 hours and 41 minutes per month
• The number of people who are timeshifting has grown 18% since last year to 94 million, with theaverage user now timeshifting 9 hours and 36 minutes per month
• The mobile video audience grew 51.2% year-overyear,surpassing 20 million users for the first time
• 52.7% of US homes now have HDTVs and receive HDTV signals

Read the entire Nielson Report here