Deliver streaming video to thousands of different mobile devices from a single source mp4

You upload a single source video. Our Mobility platform delivers that video optimized for thousands of different devices.

It’s difficult to deliver video to wide range of mobile devices. Mobile video quickly turns into a user experience nightmare. There are thousands of mobile devices and the diversity is increasing every day. What video format will play on what mobile device? Too often, users get videos that will just not play (“Video format not supported”) or playback is of unacceptable quality. GravityLab’s Mobility platform is the solution.

When a video is requested by a mobile device, GravityLab’s Mobility detects the device and optimzes the video specifically for that device and transcodes on the fly. Mobility ensures that your users – whether on the latest smartphone or on a more basic handset – instantly get the most optimal mobile video viewing experience.

Mobility uses a proprietary databases with 7000 mobile devices that have been visually tested to ensure the video is delivered to the screen using the optimized screen size, the optimized streaming video format, and the correct protocol. New devices are continuously updated and added. GravityLab’s Mobility does not require any client application to be installed by your users.

GravityLab’s Mobility is a simple solution to deliver content in a complex mobile ecosystem.

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