GravityLab is changing live flash video delivery with DVR features

GravityLab’s digital video recording (DVR) feature changes the way you think about live video on the web. Many of us at home watch our television through the use of a DVR, the successor of the VCR. You can use it to record your favorite shows when they air, or pause a live stream while you tend to something else. In either case, you can watch your program in its entirety or even go backwards to catch something you missed the first time through. The trend here is that video consumers are watching live media on their own time — and on their own terms.

Considering this new aspect of live television, it’s only natural to look toward the same experience on the web. GravityLab will change the way we watch, interact, and monetize live streaming on the web.

Flash Media Server has always had the ability to archive a live stream on the server for On2/Sorenson based content. Flash Media Server can now archive H.264/AAC content too. DVR functionality extends this basic archive function by allowing you to watch the stream as video on demand as it’s being written to the disk. You can pause, play, and seek around the video cache, as if it were a prerecorded stream. You can even insert cue points to manage advertising (for example, disabling the seek bar when ads are played).

The most exciting part of this feature is the ability to scale. If you choose to deploy the Edge caching technology of Flash Media Server or manage your own large cluster, this functionality is easy to deploy using the automatic caching technology or manage by creating custom plug-ins.

From the client side, nothing special is required. When your live event is over, you can take the DVR cache and make it available as a VOD stream.

GravityLab’s live flash video DVR functionality. Changing the way your broadcast on the web.