GravityLab Multimedia : Our Content Delivery Network overview

So what do we mean when we talk about our Content Delivery Network or “infrastructure” ? We identified a smaller number of strategic global locations near primary Internet Exchange Points, and built our strategic points of presence working with the peering companies directly. Our global points of presence have massive amounts of computing and caching power and are directly connected to all the major backbone fiber networks.

The result is an incredibly fast streaming content delivery network that’s custom built for mobile delivery, streaming video, and large multimedia files that need to be distributed globally. Our new globally distributed network means your content is just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user in the world.

Take a look at our hosting CDN global POP map
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So what exactly are we talking about? For starters, we’ve added the following POPs to our CDN that your content is cached on and delivered from automatically :

North America: Los Angeles (2), San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn and New York

Europe: London (2), Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam

Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore

Australia: Sydney

Your audience connects to your video from the shortest fiber hop available.

Our Content Delivery Network for video is truly global. Our POPs (points of presence) are located on four continents. These concentrations of modern, fast, state of the art streaming servers are located at integral Internet exchange points and are just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user on the planet. Because our SuperPOPs are located directly at the world’s fastest data interchanges, we are able to deliver more content with less overhead than other CDNs. Our CDN is efficient, scalable and the reason why we routinely outperform older CDNs in performance tests while remaining price-competitive.

Not only have we placed our POPs inside the same data centers where the major backbone providers peer with each other, we have also signed peering agreements with the majority of the global carriers. Our tactic – physically distributing our high end video streaming caching servers at the carrier interconnection points, while peering with the carriers – means we can offer mind blowing speed, the industry’s lowest priced delivery, and stream your media to even the most remote geographies.

Our business model is not complicated – We buy our bandwidth in huge amounts and parcel it out for you to take advantage at wholesale prices. We bundle that bandwidth with our optimized streaming video servers strategically located around the globe. In addition to the low bandwidth pricing, the caching of your content around the world, the highest end new tech video servers, you also get to take advantage of our team of experts’ knowledge of media delivery.

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