HTTP Dynamic Streaming now available for all video hosting account services

GravityLab is pleased to offer HTTP Dynamic Streaming for all accounts. Here is an overview of the top features available to all our customers:

• HD quality with H.264 and AAC
• Adaptive bitrate
• Support for a wide range of http delivery products
• Live streaming with DVR support
• On-demand streaming with enhanced seeking
• Client tracking and reporting
• Open Source Players Available
• Multiplatform browser, desktop, and device support
• Linux and Windows Server® support
• MP4 standard format … open standards

Content Delivery Network scalable delivery:

Use existing caching infrastructures and standard HTTP server hardware to deliver on-demand and live content on a large scale with maximum quality.

Go way beyond progressive download delivery:

Enjoy enhanced playback features including adaptive bitrate streaming, live support, DVR functionality, and interactive seeking over HTTP connections.

We support open source:

Achieve a live streaming experience using MP4 fragment format, the industry standard for adaptive bitrate delivery.

Want more information? Check out the FAQs. Ready to get started with HTTP Streaming hosting?