GravityLab Multimedia helps you stream video and audio to mobile devices

If you distribute or produce content that needs to work on a wide spectrum of mobile devices, you have the challege of encoding your streaming video for a multitude of screens. Android-based tablets to the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HP, and more. So what’s the right strategy to reach all these devices? How many versions of one source video must you as a publisher create? Which platforms will yield the greatest mobile video reach? Can anyone possibly hope to reach every device?

When you are a GravityLab mobile video hosting client, we can help you deliver live and on demand streaming to every screen. Let us help you:

  • develop an effective and efficient streaming mobile device strategy
  • simplify video delivery to mobile devices
  • increase views and reach a broader audience with mobile video
  • overcome the challenges for monetizing video to mobile

We use a wide array of tools and applications: DSS, Helix Universal, WURFL, HLS & HDS, and so much more.

Get started with Mobile Streaming Video Hosting today !