HTML5 Video Hosting, HTTP Live Streaming, Adaptive Bit Rate


We help you with HTML5 video hosting and we’re experts at HLS and adaptive bit rate hosting and encoding.


Gravitylab encodes html5 video automatically, embeds html5 players, and supports streaming HTML5 video hosting across a wide range of mobile video platforms: for your web site, phone, tablet, Kindle, and many more.


We have supported HTML 5 video including H264 and mp4 video for years on our CDN.



You can count on our HTML5 video hosting technical expertise. Our mission is to put your video, including HTML5 video, on a wide spectrum of screens, and excellent playback wherever your audience is.



HTML5 is essential to serving video to audiences browsing on mobile devices and watching your content. HTML5 and H.264 are the video runtime/format combination that you have to support to reach streaming video audiences.


The mobile streaming video market is fragmented, iPhone / iOS and iPad users represent an attractive audience demographic of early-adopting, technologically-savvy users that tend to fall into higher income brackets. You’ll need to consider an HTML5 support strategy when deciding on formats to deploy.


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Video Accelerate

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