Our Video Players are what you want: Lightweight, highly customizable, and compatible on everything.

Gravitylab is releasing our new Autoroll Mobile Embedded Player: A highly customizable SWF / HTML5 Video Player. We can already stream video to a wide spectrum of mobile devices, but our new player extends video playback to all modern ‘smartphones’, tablets and computers. We guarantee compatibility and optimized video delivery for iOS, for Androids of all flavors, including Samsung’s entire Galaxy Series, Blackberries including the Z10 and Q10, the Blackberry Torch and Curve, as well as Kindle tablets.

Our mobile video player streams your video to a wide spectrun of devices, both old and new. You are going to improve your audience’s experience with our global footprint. It’s time to present your business video professionally, and reach customers more reliably. Gravitylab’s co-located and managed cloud server infrastructure is deployed in 22 POPs (Points of Presence) around the globe. We are experts in deploying video everywhere, and have been in the video hosting business since 2003 doing just that. Our content delivery network gives you reach in geographic regions that have not been able to get broadband or mobile video content before. Our POPs are in South America including Brazil and Mexico, Central America including Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, Western Europe including France and Spain, Southeast Asia, Australia, and many many more.

Gravitylab’s HTML5 Player is blazingly fast, lightweight on your site, and extendable with apps and plugins. Our technology delivers high-quality playback experiences to mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops around the world. And our new player includes google analytics compatibility to get insight into how your customers use your video.

Educators, businesses and video producers are now able to monetize across 1000+ mobile devices with Gravitylab’s new advertising plugin. The Gravitylab HTML5 Player is compatible with VAST Wrapper Ads, CORS, DoubleClick IMA3, and Companion Ads. Our clients can earn more money from mobile video on a global CDN with 22 POPs and counting.

We offer you a lot of mobile video hosting horsepower for your money: A global footprint, monetization, video stats and customer engagement tracking are powerful tools that compell video publishers to host with our team and use our consulting services.
We invite you to demo the new HTML5 player right now.

So to sum up – the sheer number of devices supported by the new player is going to vastly improve your audience’s experience. The HTML5 fallback option is a huge win for our mobile audience and we’re very excited to use the new player.

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