Basic Video Strategy: Turn browsers into buyers with streaming video



Using video to actively engage and convert new customers

You need video that plays fast (globally), looks good, and reaches a lot of screens.





The pool is full of sharks always swimming to beat you to your future customers.


Your customer is the heart of your business. In the blink of an eye, your attention deprived customer will leap from one website to another. How do you keep them safe from the circling sharks and hold on to them when they’re on your turf?


Video that plays on mobile devices, both phones and tablets. Website visitors who watch your video are 61% more likely to spend money with you than the ones who don’t.


Here’s the first of a series of helpful tactics to make your video streaming engage your customers:



Your video needs to perform when called upon, because no one has patience to tell you there was an issue with their playback experience in Melbourne.


No one is looking on your site to find your feedback form to let you know that your video takes ‘forever and a day’ to load in Sydney.


They won’t call you and tell you that your video plays back for 1 minute in Mexico City and then just buffers. Or Vancouver. Or New York City. How does your video play in Singapore?



Does someone on a Blackberry in India have a positive playback experience with your video? Or was it not embedded to roll over for an older Android tablet and crash and burned?


Hate to be the one to tell you: All those potential clients mentioned above have just moved on.



Your client boarding a flight at LAX is going to blame you when your social looks and plays back terribly on their phone with a bad airport wifi connection. You need to use a distributed CDN and also have the experienced, professsional front end team for a perfect play back experience across all devices.


You can do something to improve video playback today.



Your future customer, browsing your site or using your application right now, is forming an opinion of your entire business by the quality and presentation of your streaming video. Gravitylab gives you video hosting that will load fast and keep playing no matter what screen they’re staring at. On the bus, maybe, watching your video. Waiting at the doctor’s office. Using an Android. Or an iPhone. Or a BlackBerry. Or a tablet. Whatever and wherever they are.

1. Create some decent content, using available cameras. Smartphone cameras are completely fine. You’ll need a simple tripod, here’s a good one on amazon:  Do your customers do anything interesting? What about you? Do you do anything interesting with your life? Create content you already know about.

Right now, think about something your company does that would be interesting to a 1st grade classs. Go take a simple 1 minute video of that thing, or take a video screen capture.

Speak out about what makes you excited about what you do, and articulate it clearly on your site.


Use video to create experiences that interest your audience and might be helpful. Do they work in the health care field? Are they students? Executives? Info tech staff? Technology managers? Product managers?



What does your audience want?


Do they want to be helped?


Do they want to be inspired? Will you save them time?






Even casual browsers on your website should choose your company or your company’s products because they find video on your site that speaks to them at a fundamental level and draws them in.


Capture your opportunities when your opportunities are looking for you.


Your future customers are smarter than you think. They also are using mobile phones, tablets, computer power users, smart TVs and more. People now shop wherever they are. You probably do too.


Your video, and the message, needs to be delivered seamlessly across all screens and platforms.


Messages like “video buffering” or “not compatible with this device” will turn viewers off in no time. You need to capture shoppers on all devices, so your brand needs a fast-loading video player with adaptive bitrate streaming.


You also need a multi-screen strategy (macs, pc’s, iphone, ipad, android phones and tablets, an entire menu of web browsers and so on) for your video. Make sure your video hosting can give a high grade, positive experience to every potential customer, wherever they are.


Our video hosting can drastically lower your bounce rate and take a significant bite out of cart abandonment. We can effectively get your video working in new ways that keep consumers around longer.



Video is powerful. Communicate how your video will make your clients’ lives better. Provide a compelling and straightforward message.


Video lets your audience spend more time building a relationship with your website, your brand, and your products.


Get started with our video hosting services today.