Video SEO Strategy: Tactics for video SEO and metadata best practices, how to


The most effective method you can use is a video sitemap for SEO

You produce and distribute video. …How do users know how to find you? What do you do when you’re searching for a video? All of us usually start with a search on google or bing, punching the thing they’re looking for and see what the options are. I know that’s what I do.


When indexed properly, your videos are much more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results then HTML content. So how do you do that?


Create a video site map


Point your sitemaps at your video, and submit it to the search engines.


A fast way to get started is to point your XML sitemap at your video. The search engines don’t know the subject matter. Gravitylab automatically can create metadata for search engine indexing, choose a and we can tag your video with the essential markup so your videos are indexed for search engines.


We are experts at video metadata. Take a look at our online video sitemap creation.


Audiences are sharing videos more than anything else. Video is more engaging and interesting for everyone. Your audience can automatically share, email and embed videos on their blogs or related sites with our video hosting service.


Gravitylab’s video asset management is easy to use and easy to understand. You can publish your videos easily and instantly make them shareable on Facebook, Twitter, and others + your site, then track your content and viewing patterns with a single platform.


One metric that helps you figure out which videos are working best is by tracking which ones are shared the most! Obviously.