Flash streaming: flash is dead, long live flash! Are the RTMP protocol and flv codec fading into the sunset?


There’s a few things I like about flash streaming, and if I do, other people must too, so I doubt that all the ‘blah blah blah’ about flash going away will mean it really disappears forever.


Real Networks is around, Microsoft still has the windows media services technology but is migrating to IIS. The streaming industry is becoming more fragmented as Google, Apple, and Microsoft jocky for position, with HLS, VP9, and DASH.


Right now, we have HLS, HDS, HTML5 video, Smooth Streaming, and HEVC h265 is here and being deployed and hosted.


I don’t want direct rtmp interactivity via Flash to go away. I would never had said that a few years ago when HTML5 was the silver bullet to every streaming video problem, and “standardization would save internet video” from the evil clutches of Adobe, Microsoft, Apple and all the evil giant corporate IT titans.


Well, it simply did not work out that way in the streaming media hosting business. Want to stream video to an iPhone? You need Apple HLS. Android too? HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Flash, progressive download, or some complex implementation of them all. Windows Mobile? Blackberry? All different. The list goes on.


HTML5 video just started a new deviation in the always evolving online video delivery space.


So I thought I’d highlight some things that are easily accomplished in Flash. These are not html5 video players. They’re good old flash players. While may be possible with HTML5 video and canvas, it’s not easy. Everyone likes a list of cool video tricks, so here’s a few, enjoy:


Using Flash Plugins with JWPlayer

Video Quality (including dropped frames) and bandwidth monitoring overlay on top of the video:

Your rectangle with a screen doesn’t support flash.


Your rectangle with a screen doesn’t support flash.

Audio visualizer! (thanks shoutcast for all the visualizers you gave us!)… So has anyone seen this kind of thing deployed with html5 / css3 ?

Your rectangle with a screen doesn’t support flash.

Another (slightly better?) audio visualization! After the song plays, embedded in the player is a link to paypal asking for a donation. Gravitylab doesn’t want a donation, it’s a demo of monetizing your video / audio content in a nice way. You’re simply giving your audience member a method for kicking down a micropayment when it’s done playing.


Your rectangle with a screen doesn’t support flash.

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