Video standards and format divergence across operating systems, devices, resolutions and connection speeds continues to require expert navigation.

Streaming video and device compatibility with standards or open source codecs is not imminent. I’m often reminded of 2003 – 2008 of having to transcode everything in wmv / asf, .rm and .ram, and .mov. Those formats are approaching complete obsenlence with microsoft’s phase out of windows media, and phase in of iis and the expression encoder. The Real Player self destructed by at first becoming bloatware, then malware with memory leaks and non-stop internet usage for downloading metadata and tracking and people didn’t tolerate it. Real took a crack at itunes but didn’t get it quite right, although their codec is (was?) excellent and helix universal server is a great project.

A client trying to solve multiscreen delivery thought that it might be useful for me to list all the gravitylab streaming services available for deployment, so everyone can see what we can deploy for maximum distribution, so that’s what I’ll do:

A. The short answer is that there is no phone in North America that plays video that we can’t deliver to that phone’s screen within a reasonable network environment. We have far reaching success to Blackberry devices in India and central and south america. We can put video on Nokia, Motorola and all the other phones people forgot about when the iPhone came out! Android is suprisingly annoying with their older versions being finiky but thank god they’re getting phased out as time marches on. Here’s the list:

1. windows media services (asf, asx, wmv, wma)
2. helix universal
3. darwin streaming server
4. Flash Media Server 4.5
5. Wowza 3.6
6. ffmpeg running in a multinode cloud for transmuxing / transcoding video
7. IIS Smooth Streaming including iOS devices
8. HTML5
9. rtsp:// protocol
10. rtmp:// protocol
11. http:// protocol
12. rtpme:// protocol
13. mms:// protocol
14. rtsp:// and http:// streaming delivery of 3gp, mov, smil, 3gp2
15. Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming
16. HTTP Dynamic Streaming
17. wowza’s cupertino, san jose, etc streaming
18. intelligent geoIP routing of requesting audience member’s IP to the closest hop to their country

I’ll just keep adding to this list as time goes on.