10 years Jet-Stream, 19 years streaming

This week, Jet-Stream celebrates its tenth anniversary!

Jet-Stream was founded on October 2 2003 bij owner Stef van der Ziel.
Our history goes back to 1994:

  • November 4 1994: pioneered the first live internet broadcast
  • 1996: overloaded the interhet in the Netherlands with large webcasts
  • 1997: built the first CDN to offload the Dutch internet during live streams
  • 2000: built the first federated CDN in cooperation with ISPs, broadcasters
  • 2002: built the first multiscreen OTT encoding and CDN for cable operators
  • October 2 2003: launched Jet-Stream as a new company specialized in CDN
  • 2004: launched the first streaming only CDN: our own StreamZilla CDN
  • 2005: built the first mobile CDN included a DVB-H project
  • 2006: upgraded StreamZilla to be the premium pan-EU streaming CDN
  • 2007: built next generation ‘active’ CDN technologies
  • 2008: introduced brand new StreamZilla CDN using active CDN technologies
  • 2010: rebranded Jet-Stream, offering CDN technologies to global industry
  • 2011: deployed over 30 CDNs for telcos, hosting providers
  • 2011: trained other vendors on CDN strategy, business, technologies, operation
  • 2012: launched the Jet-Stream CDN academy

StreamZilla and Jet-Stream are successful, respected and innovative companies with loyal customers and have won many awards including Best CDN, Best Innovation, Most Influentual, Fastest Growing, and many more.