Using Wirecast to broadcast live using Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming with Gravitylab

Step 1: Go buy a camera or webcam and hook it up to your encoding / broadcasting system.

Step 2. Download and install Vara Software’s Wirecast

Step 3. Startup Wirecast and click the thumbnail of your web camera in the media list

  • Create a new H.264/AAC encoder preset
  • Select the menu item Window: Encoder Presets
  • Click the Encoder Preset: Edit… button

    From the Encoder Preset drop down menu select <New…>,

  • enter a name for your preset and click OK
  • Change the Output Format drop down to QuickTime
  • Select the Video tab, change the Encoder drop down menu to H.264 and change and other settings as desired
  • Select the Audio tab, change the Encoder drop down menu to MPEG-4 Audio and change and other settings as desired
  • Click the Save button to save your new preset

Configure broadcast settings

  • Select the menu item Broadcast: Broadcast Settings…
  • Change the Encoder Preset drop down to encoder preset you created above
  • Change the Destination drop down to Announce to QuickTime Streaming Server
  • Change Host Name to rtmp://
  • Change File Location to streamtest/myStream.sdp
  • Click the Save button to save your broadcast settings

To broadcast to Gravitylab, select the menu item Broadcast: Start Broadcasting

To play the stream, you should embed a m3u8 capable player. JWP6 is capable of Apple HLS live broadcast playback. Here’s a demo of the player (with on demand content).
Server: rtmp://
Stream: livestream.sdp
where [yyyy] is the 3 letter country code of your ingest point, and xxxx account number available @ 
Note: By default Wirecast streams using UDP on ports 6970 – 9999. This can be a problem if you are streaming to gravitylab’s network that is behind a firewall on which these ports are blocked. Easy fix: open up the UDP port range 6970 – 9999 on your firewall. Another solution would be to check the box Broadcast over TCP to interleave the media traffic on TCP port 1935 but this option is currently broken in Wirecast.
Note: If you experience problems getting either the audio or video to play through Flash, double check the version number of the Flash player (Flash player version or above is required).