Is 4K Super HD TV utterly useless? RCA’s research and development says it is

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Interesting video news article from MSNBC that simply points out a fact that’s been known since the early 1980′: 65″ width diagonal screen width at 1080p is the perfect size for watching HD from 9 ft away (the approx average people sit away from their TV). Higher resolution is imperceptible to the human eye.


We can’t see the extra pixels beyond 1080p from 9ft away.

Here’s their video illustrating the point from the former vice president of R&D at RCA (cool old school 60’s film footage included!):



Mankind seems to be on a constant quest for better quality TV, if you believe what all the hype coming from the television manufacturers. Which you shouldn’t. Nevertheless, as part of our eternal pursuit for the perfect moving image decoder, aka TV, we have now come to 4K HD TV.

What is 4K TV? Will it blow my mind?

The elevator pitch about 4k TV goes something like this: 4K Ultra HD TVs (also known as UHD TVs, ultra high def tv, ultra HD TV) deliver four times the picture resolution of 1080p HD.

That’s eight million pixels, up from to two million pixels.

What that means in terms of potential image clarity: incredibly fine detail, more video texture and an almost photographic clarity.

4K HD TV Ultra High Def is a spin off of the 4K digital cinema standard. The movie theaters show the images in native 4096 x 2160 resolution, this new TV format is 3840 X 2160.

More information about 4K HD TV here.