Google’s new video quality report tool

January 23, 2014 4:33 pm Tags: , , , No Comments 0

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Google releases ‘The YouTube Video Quality Report‘, which I like a lot because it has a excellent visual representation of some of the CDN tools that Gravitylab uses.


Google had something like this in 2010, “YouTube Video Speed Dashboard”, giving people: “insight into what your YouTube speed looks like compared to the YouTube speed of users in other regions and different ISPs.” That was a great concept, but (and I quote from Dan Rayburn) :


“the results didn’t tell you anything in terms of your YouTube video speed or the quality of the video you were viewing. At the time, the results were not based on data from actual streams, so YouTube’s video speed dashboard was nothing more than a speed test of your ISP.”


The test doesn’t work everywhere, just FYI.

Here’s some testing tools that do:

Media Streaming Test