DVDx review – MKV ripping, DVD ripping to streaming, encoding, mp4 and more

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DVDx and the guys at LabDV have recently released a new beta version of their long standing PC software. DVDx can transcode from-and-to some formats it’s nice to have in your toolbox. From their site:

Download DVDx 4.1


  •   New complete video transcoder to recode MKV rips or any other audio/video file
  •   Add aspect ratio correction in video settings (to correct bad video files)
  •   Add audio profile support to extract and transcode audio tracks (experimental)
  •   Set default encoding profile to mp4.ini (both converter and ripper)
  •   Option to resize or not (default) main window when loading new media
  •   Abort during transcoding stops smoothly and output is shorten but readable

New video transcoding profile:

  •   wmv.ini : WMV (Windows Media Video)

New audio transcoding profiles:

  •   ac3.ini : AC3 (Audio Dolby Digital)
  •   aiff.ini : AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)
  •   caf.ini : CAF (Core Audio Format)
  •   dts.ini : DTS (Audio Digital Surround)
  •   m4a.ini : MP4 Audio
  •   mp3.ini : MP3 Audio
  •   ogg.ini : Ogg Vorbis (Google WebM Audio)
  •   wav.ini : WAV (Microsoft Audio)
  •   wma.ini : WMA (Windows Media Audio)


  •   Update support for AACS v46
  •   Improve compatibility of produced MKV files

Knowledge base:
Audio TrueHD -> AAC is not supported (use TrueHD -> AC3, MP3)


  •   Correct letterbox filter to support anamorphic output resolution
  •   Skip a useless zoom change which made bad resize on load media
  •   Change backend manager start to fix start crash bug

+ Windows only

Download DVDx 4.1