net neutrality video effects & its effect on video hosting services


What effect will I see if the net is not neutral with video streamed from the Gravitylab CDN?


The NY Times has a great article on net neutrality, and the coming infrastructure and internet expansion battles that are about to take place.

We’re very interested in the outcome of net neutrality video effects, beyond just watching Netflix and YouTube’s impact on the ISPs.


It’s not a coincidence that Google announced expansion into 34 cities, including Austin, TX this month, around the same time as the Comcast purchase of Time Warner. Comcast has already fired back by increasing internet speeds in Austin for subscribers at no cost.


According to the New York Times op-ed regarding net neutrality, what’s about to unfold is a direct Google onslaught at Comcast over diversifying internet connectivity in the US.

Gravitylab supports net neutrality. Providing best in class streaming video service for our clients means never taking a back seat to paying providers on a non-neutral internet. No matter what happens in present and future net neutrality battles, our CDN will continue to work with infrastructure providers, both at Google and Comcast, to ensure that our packets are delivered with priority 1 content.


You can review our datacenter CDN locations and the wide-ranging coverage in North America here. You can review our video hosting plans and pricing here.


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