Video is moving to tablets: Tablet video and streaming mobile use online


Start streaming perfect video to tablets and phones today.

Tablet Streaming Hosting Services


Audio and video tablet video streaming to Android, iPhones, iPads and tablets is a simple, and extremely cost effective.


The growing use of Video-On-Demand (VOD), CDN streaming, online training video hosting, and mobile delivery to a diverse range of screens and tablets can reveal how widely the world has embraced video. Tablet video is an effective communication medium. Expectations about how users experience a web site and the amount of video that is watched on video tablets from the web has shifted. Static text and images may no longer be the best way to speak to your audience.


To stay competitive, you need to tell a complete story with video, and that includes mobile tablet video. One of the main obstacles to getting fast, positive audience experience is the time and computing resources it takes to encode, organize, and embed your video.


Our Streaming & Encoding Solution


Gravitylab’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows you to leverage our partnerships with all the major worldwide carriers. We transparently cache your content in exchange point datacenters in large cities in strategic nations.


We want you to focus on your content production. We make your life easier by giving you a global footprint, encoding your video for all the major platforms. We can help organize your video archive (Digital Asset Management) and provide you with useful, relevent media stats and reporting. We also integrate with Google Analytics.


Our CDN delivers multibit rate video, with video quality and resolution based on the individual end-user’s network conditions and bandwidth negotiation. We deliver your video from geographic locations close to your audience, including 9 datacenters in North America.


You produce engaging video that lets you connect with employees, clients, partners and customers. We give you the tools and platform to deliver your content to a wide spectrum of screens, without cumbersome support.


Simplify everything including uploading, distribution, management, stats and reports.


We deliver your media securely to your audience, regardless of their location or device. Gravitylab provides tablet video hosting that gives you “set and forget” automation.


Gravitylab lets you “set and forget” tools like automatic encoding, and automatic streaming video optimized for a particular screen or resolution. That means you don’t need to encode and upload multiple files for iOS tablet video and Android tablet video streaming.


Our tablet video encoding and optimization has two major components:


No set up, automatic adjustment to resolution, framerate, and multiple streaming tablet video formats — Our powerful cloud automatically converts video content into the most popular streaming video formats, allowing your tablet video to stream to iOS and Android without dedicating resources (such as encoding computers and long term storage), video asset management, and the time it will take your coworkers and team to learn a niche technology.


So what is it that Gravitylab does? What hosting services do we provide that we excel at? Glad you asked. Here’s a list:


HTTP Caching
Gravitylab stands on the backs of giants, the Fastest HTTP streaming cache delivery in the industry by combining the networks of major infrastructure providers. Companies like AT&T, Cogent, Deutsche Telecom and many, many more.


Massive Video Streaming Scale
Able to support rapid traffic spikes
Delivers lightning-fast delivery speeds, even on record-breaking traffic days


High Streaming Video Performance
Outperforms all other leading CDNs
Low latency and high output


Static Content Caching
Efficient caching and delivery of static assets of all sizes


Dynamic Content Caching
Cache based query string parameters


Content Protection
Many methods of content protection available including the popular URL tokens


Origin Streaming CDN Management
Efficient offloading of traffic from customer origin


Video Geo Blocking : Restrict entire countries from video
By country, state, DMAs, zip codes, etc.


Many many more streaming video hosting features. Start today!