Video helps businesses connect with their customers and leaves consumers with a positive impression


Animoto has recently published survey results that show video is growing, and continuing to have an impact on purchase decisions. Video on your website (that works well) is persuading consumers to engage with your brand, and stick around after a purchase. The new Animoto Online and Mobile Video Study surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers and revealed that 73 percent of respondents are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand. That’s interesting.


I guess images are not enough. The video pandora’s box is open and with companies like Gravitylab, the quality of video delivery can continue to get better, and no one will know how to read within 2 generations.


Animoto was kind enough to give us all attention deprived video industry folks an “infographic” (the infographic is a nuevo, faster, less in depth powerpoint. It is our society. We’re demanding information that can be absorbed in seconds).


So anyway we’re starting to see data come in from the brave new world of “the internet is a broadcast medium”. The trends continue to backup the hype of video everywhere all the time.


Nearly all the respondents (95.6 percent) find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online, and that creates an opportunity for small businesses to capitalize by offering more, and higher quality, video. The study also shows that videos hold tremendous value for driving brand awareness throughout the online buying cycle as well as engagement after the buy:


92 % of respondents find video helpful in comparison shopping.
88 % of respondents find video helpful for researching additional items from the same brand.
94 % of respondents find video helpful for instructions post-purchase.

Video Drives Brand Engagement, Leaves Consumers With Positive Impression

According to the study, video helps businesses connect with their customers and leaves consumers with a positive impression of their brand:


71 percent of respondents agree that watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of a brand/service/company.


Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents find it helpful to watch videos to learn more about the company they will purchase from.
57.5 percent of respondents consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy.

Consumers Speak Out About Video Preferences

Longer videos aren’t more effective, with 83 percent of respondents citing the ideal length of a video to inform a purchase decision is five minutes or less. Have you noticed as the months go on, a video over 5 minutes seems more and more too long?


Survey respondants also had views the kind of video they want to see. Including a “walk through” of a restaurant’s ocean view to an interview with a conference speaker, people want to watch more video across industries, products, and services:


43 percent of all respondents would like to see more product description or service demonstration videos, such as a 360 view of a product, how to play a game, or use a phone.


People would like to see more tech video (57 percent), restaurants (40 percent), travel (32 percent), and exercise/fitness (35 percent).

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