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By in May 24, 2014

Streaming Video CDN map

By in January 22, 2014

What is a ‘point of presence’ or streaming CDN POP ?

By in October 7, 2013

A point-of-presence, or CDN POP, is the physical connection where two communication protocols link. A traditional example of a point-of-presence is found with the local telephone switch, which allows your local phone line to make long distance calls. Both with the internet and phone lines, the point-of-presence is the link that makes the exchange of […]

Streaming media and business video hosting services that we provide or have available with our CDN hosting

By in April 8, 2013

What streaming media and video hosting services do you provide or have available on your CDN? We support the following technologies / streaming services (click the link to read more about the technology): Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (HLS Video), IIS Smooth Streaming, Flash RTMP & RTMPE, Adobe Flash HTTP Streaming (HDS streaming), Cupertino Streaming to […]

CDN Download Hosting

By in April 7, 2011

We’re updating our streaming video CDN platform for 2011

By in December 29, 2010

GravityLab Multimedia Inc is pleased to to announce a comprehensive content delivery network upgrade for 2011. The CDN upgrade is fully deployed and operational, and we’ll be migrating all our current clients over the next few weeks. All new clients are automatically setup on the new supercharged Content Delivery Network. What’s new for 2011? We […]


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