Twin Shadow Performs New Song “Locked and Loaded”

By Molly Beauchemin

Twin Shadow Performs New Song "Locked and Loaded"

Twin Shadow‘s George Lewis Jr. was recently a musical guest on a very strange episode of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast called Comedy Bing Bong, which included an interview with mental illness “spokesperson” Howard Amethyst. In between chatting about neurosis, milkshake movies, and sex role-playing, the Twin Shadow frontman played some seemingly-unrelated music, including a song called “Locked and Loaded”. Listen to it above around the 1:01:45 mark.

George Lewis Jr.’s interview starts around 6:50. In it, he mentions the new Twin Shadow album will be due out in October, and gets pressured into uncomfortably discussing his ideal sexual partner (“It depends on the country,” he laughs.) He also plays his latest single “To The Top” at 1:36:44.

Watch Twin Shadow perform “Golden Light” on


: Twin Shadow Performs New Song “Locked and Loaded”