Now Shipping: CDN Raw Logs to S3 export

By Josh DeWald


Although our real time analytics API make it extremely easy to process and get the data you need, sometimes you need to parse the data yourself.

Meet our newest feature of MaxCDN Insights that allows you to save all access logs in the format you want to your own S3 bucket.

Every single response from our servers for your pull zone is now accessible to you to do as you please. You can parse the raw data and build your statistics and analytics dashboards or parse it every day and extract very specific information for your own custom needs.

To use it you will need an existing AWS profile and an S3 bucket.

Once you have that you can enable raw logs to s3 export in your settings in our Control Panel


You also have the option to select the frequency of log exports into your bucket.

1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day and 3 days are available.

Before enabling it you need to also set a format string. Its a very powerful feature that can help you a lot by saving you space on your AWS account and simplify the parsing of your logs.

We recommend to store only the information you need avoiding using all available variables.


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: Now Shipping: CDN Raw Logs to S3 export

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