iOS v4.2: Easily upload and share videos with friends

By Nick Alt

Dearly beloved video believers,

We are gathered here today in the presence of Blog so you may download the just-released Vimeo iOS update. Now you may join your iPhone in holy technology and be fruitful and multiply your video productivity as such:

Easily upload from your Camera Roll
Upload videos already on your iPhone or iPad directly to Vimeo in just a few speedy taps, without leaving the Vimeo app.

Privately share with people you know
Send videos to the people of your choice via text, email, AirDrop, Facebook, Twitter, ESP, and more! (J/K about that last one.)

Find and follow friends already on Vimeo
You like your friends (hopefully). Now use the Vimeo app to search for those people on Vimeo, then follow them to see what they’re uploading and sharing.

Invite your pals to join you on the world’s best video platform
Enough said.

Do you take this update to be your unlawfully wedded Vimeo app? I do(wnload it now). Or, see it in action:

: iOS v4.2: Easily upload and share videos with friends