Best TV shows online: Top 7 Online Shows

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You don’t need $120 a month cable service (or even a TV) to watch quality scripted television (unless you’re into sports, and I feel your pain). Just remember, it’s lots of fun to watch the game at your favorite local bar. Here are our picks for streaming video OTT Hosting


Alpha House [HD]

(Amazon Instant Video)


Arrested Development Season 4 [HD]



The Killing Season 1 [HD]



Deadbeat Season 1 [HD]


“the premise really is essentially what would happen if the kid from The Sixth Sense grew up and became a stoner.”


The Hotwives of Orlando


“A parody of every horrible ‘housewives’ show? How has this not been done before?”


Misfits Season 1 [HD]


a bunch of delinquents gain superpowers in a freak storm.



Quick Draw


a mostly improvised western sitcom about a small town sheriff who went to Harvard


Glove and Boots


perfect mix of puppeteering, music, and green-screen special effects.


Homestar Runner


old-school Flash-based cartoons, and they’re hysterical.