Short film selections, straight from TIFF to your screen

By Jason Sondhi

Last September, we sent a small cohort of Vimeans north to hand out $10,000 advances to filmmakers at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This year, we’re elated to be sponsoring the TIFF Short Cuts competition and give selected films a cozy home on our platform.

We’ve invited filmmakers to distribute their work for free online through our special Short Cuts Channel. Films will be uploaded just 24 hours after they premiere at the festival. This means all you non-TIFF-attending viewers can watch festival programming from the comfort of your own couch! But you should still dress to impress.

The Channel will feature 20 TIFF-selected short films, including:

Father from Jordan Tannahill
A boy becomes a man in a mere instant when his father falls suddenly to his death in this powerful yet subtle Canadian short.

Zero Recognition from Ben Lewis
Degrassi star < strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Lauren Collins wrote and stars in a film following a young Hollywood actress who attempts to lead a normal life after growing up in the spotlight.

Newborns from Megha Ramaswamy
(Available Tuesday, 9/9)
This haunting experimental documentary follows female acid-attack survivors across India and their efforts to focus on the future rather than past misfortune.

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: Short film selections, straight from TIFF to your screen