Join Vimeo in supporting net neutrality

By Andrea Allen

In July, we asked you to help us protect an open Internet. Today, we’re joining forces with our digital brethren including Etsy, Reddit, and Kickstarter, to once again ask that you help us fight the FCC’s proposed rule — one that would bring an end to the net neutrality we know and love.

This time, we’re asking you to call your Senators and tell them you’re against the FCC’s proposal. We’ve made it easy to do — enter your phone number and we’ll give you a call and share some talking points about the proposal. Then, you’ll be automatically connected to your Senator to say you want net neutrality. This will only take a few minutes, and will go a long way toward saving our open Internet.

Contact your Senator

To refresh your memory:
The FCC proposal would allow broadband providers to charge online companies like Vimeo to deliver traffic (like video uploads and plays) to their customers in a timely manner. We think this will create a two-tiered Internet — fast tubes for those who can afford to pay a hefty toll and slow tubes for everyone else — and will ultimately harm innovation and creative expression. As a result, we’re calling on the FCC to demand “net neutrality” — rules that prevent broadband providers from discriminating against content that runs through their pipes.

Independent creators and their audiences would also suffer from this two-tiered Internet world. If you, like us, want to keep a free and open Internet, please click the button above and let your voice be heard.

: Join Vimeo in supporting net neutrality