IBM’s ‘Ninja Particles’ could stop the rise of superbugs

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By Joseph Volpe

Illustration representing the potential of fullerene bucky balls in nanomedicine

IBM Research’s Jim Hedrick has a great job. His work on polymers — those repeating chains of macromolecules that make up most things in our world, like the computer or phone you’re reading this on — has led to the creation of substances with < strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Marvel Comics-worthy descriptors. There’s the self-healing, Wolverine-like substance that arose from a recycled water bottle and something called “ninja particles” that’ll advance the reality of nanomedicine. Both discoveries will inevitably make their way into consumer products in the near future, but it’s his team’s progress on nanomedicine that Hedrick discussed during my visit to IBM Research’s sprawling Almaden lab in San Jose, California.

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: IBM’s ‘Ninja Particles’ could stop the rise of superbugs