5 Moments of Inspiration at CM World 2014


There was something incredibly special about this year’s Content Marketing World event. It wasn’t just having 2,600 passionate marketers,100 thought leader speakers, and over 150 leading technology vendors all in one place. All of those things were exceptional, but it was much more. So with that as the backdrop, I’ll share my 5 Moments of Inspiration from CM World 2014. Watch our highlight video below for more:

  1. A shifting viewpoint – CMWorld 2014 was a tipping point for marketing professionals where the conversations shifted from “if” to “how.” As marketers. we’re no longer asking if content marketing should be part of our plan, we’re now asking how we re-engineer marketing to be content-centric.
  2. The funnel is dead – much has been written about this topic lately but nothing was more illustrative than Andrew Davis’ keynote presentation. The fundamental takeaway for marketers is that in the age of customer driven / search driven content consumption, nicely organized models of sequential buying patterns tend to disappear.
  3. Paid is not dead – one of the hot topics we covered in the thought leadership panel I moderated was how marketers are using paid media to promote and distribute content. The key takeaway is thinking about a “converged” paid, earned, and owned strategy and leveraging paid for exposure and reach.
  4. Get organized – a central topic at the conference was how marketers are struggling with organizing their content marketing strategy. From integrated campaigns to complex, persona-based planning, Joe Pulizzi had a lot to say about this topic. Interested in learning more? Sign up for our Live Stream with Joe on October 7.
  5. MOI = ROI – < strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Andrew Davis nailed this topic in his keynote when he challenged the audience to create “Moments of Inspiration,” or MOI, and then went on to say how those moments of inspiration were really those critical touch points that create the content marketing ROI. On a related note, during my presentation, we showcased some amazing customer examples and how they are using video as the cornerstone of their content marketing strategy.

If you missed the conference or you’re interested in learning more, we interviewed over 40 of the top presenters at the event asking them, “What’s the hottest thing in content marketing today,” and packaged them up in our incredible new Brightcove Gallery product. Check out the gallery!

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