Volkswagen’s Latest Video Ushers In Future of Branded Content

September 18, 2014 1:38 pm Tags: , No Comments 0

There’s something new and fresh about “The Way-Too-Helpful Neighbor,” a video from Volkswagen, Target, and Funny or Die promoting the new 2015 Golf automobile. The video opens on a guy who has just
been surprised by a call from his girlfriend. Her parents will be at his place in just two hours, and his place is a mess. Fortunately, he has a pushy and very nosy neighbor in the form of Rob Huebel
(a familiar face who starred in “The Descendants”), who takes the boyfriend on an unconventional shopping spree in his new Golf. Huebel drives the car through the aisles of Target, highlighting the
car’s handling as well as Target’s Room Essential decor and storage line in one coherent story.

Via:: Volkswagen's Latest Video Ushers In Future of Branded Content