2020 Vision: Netflix aims for over 100 million international subs

Some dandy insight from the folks at Digital TV Research who took Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’s statement at the CTAM Eurosummit in Copenhagen last week that the streamer expects to be in about one-third of the homes it’s available to internationally seven years after launching.

That would mean Netflix expects to have almost 104 million international subscribers by the end of 2020, and that just counts the countries in which Netflix already has deployed.

Currently, Netflix has about 13.8 million international subscribers, about one quarter of the company’s subscribers.

But, International streaming growth is more than twice the U.S. figure; it was up 46% in the past year compared to 22% growth in the U.S.

A recent poll put Netflix in 33% of Canadian broadband homes, about 3 million users. In the Nordics, Netflix already is in an estimated 25% of broadband homes, according to some pundits; its penetration in the United Kingdom, where it launched two years ago, exceeds 10%, according to published reports, about 4.5 million subscribers.

In the U.S., Netflix has more than 36 million subscribers, which aren’t included in the DTVR projection.

The researcher said the cou8ntries Netflix already is in have a total of some 308.5 million TV households.

So, aside from the big numbers, what’s the big deal?


With a total audience exceeding 140 million-plus – just within the nations it’s already launched in — Netflix could in the enviable position of being able to reach a bigger audience than any other distributor on the planet by 2020.

That could, for example, mean a change in the way studios release new movies, and, it could position the company as a major player in live event delivery, too.

Ah, the joys of global domination… or, at least, planning global domination. As any Risk player knows, just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you can execute it.

Stay tuned.

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