Broadcast-class player features now available in the standard Ooyala Flash player

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Ooyala has recently introduced several broadcast-grade features now available in the standard Ooyala Flash player, including TV Ratings, Closed Captions, and cue point ad markers. For the first time, broadcasters can deploy a standard Ooyala player with these functionalities with minimal configuration.

  • TV Ratings — the Ooyala Flash Player is now compliant with FCC for displaying TV Ratings for broadcast content by displaying a watermark on suggested audience type for each video asset, allowing end users to make informed viewing decisions based on nature of content. TV ratings are assigned at the asset level via custom metadata in Backlot and player embedded parameters. The TV rating watermark appears when the video starts playing and will appear again when the video resumes after ad playback.

  • Closed Captions — as previously reported, Ooyala players are now FCC 708-compliant, which permits viewers to modify the look and feel of closed captions. Ooyala has enabled this capability in its Flash player, as well as the iOS HTML5 player and iOS and Android SDKs.

  • Ad Markers (Cue Points) — the Ooyala Flash Player now supports visual markers (cue points) to depict ad or segment breaks to help users identify ads in the player controller bar. The player intelligently hides cue points where the ad has already finished playing and will gracefully handle playback of ads when a user seeks forwards/backwards. This functionality is currently enabled for Freewheel Ad Modules, and will be enabled for other ad providers in the future.

  • Hiding/showing Player Controls — Ooyala Flash player now allows users to enable/disable the controller bar during ad play out, preventing overlap of ad elements such as the Skip and Learn More buttons with the player controls. The Google IMA Flash controls also enable the player controls to be hidden.

Updates to standard Ooyala players such as these enable providers to leverage the core player and its frequent updates rather than create bespoke solutions which require maintenance. In turn, providers can now rely on Ooyala to address broadcast compliance rules and better advertising support in standard Audience and Revenue Builder solutions. If you have a provider interested in these capabilities, encourage them to try out the core Ooyala players today.

For more on these releases, refer to the release notes here. Have questions? Feel free to contact Shilpa Murthy.


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