That “plop, plop, fizz, fizz” you’re hearing is the sound of network TV execs looking to soothe their tummies after they’ve read the latest report from RBC Capital Markets noting that viewership of network websites is continuing to decline.

The report also said its survey found 42% of respondents watched TV or movies on Netflix, up from 37% in February 2013, followed by Hulu and Amazon. Only YouTube was mentioned by more respondents, 44%, up from 40% last year.

Nearly one-fifth of respondents said original content offered by streamers was “extremely important” in their decisions to subscribe, the highest percentage ever.

The RBC consumer survey shows a broad, albeit slight, decline in the number of users who go to networks websites:

  • was down 5% to about 10%
  • was down 3% to about 13%
  • was down 2% to about 12%

But it wasn’t just the nets that got dinged, as Hulu was off 2% to about 25% from a year ago and iTunes showed a 3% decline to about 9%, likely prompting Apple execs to wish their new iPad could get out a little quicker.

The winners?

As you’d expect, Netflix is up 5% among consumers surveyed, YouTube is up 4%, HBO Go is up 4% to about 10%, and Amazon is up a whopping 8% to about 23%.

Of course, it’s not just the website viewing that’s declined. Networks have seen erosion of their overall viewership as audiences have become ever more fragmented, especially Millennials who increasingly have moved away from traditional TV to online and mobile options.

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Via:: Survey: OTT options erode networks’ web views, too