Networks Should Thank Netflix, so should the average television consumer

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Netflix has been pushing – content providers, content distributors, cable co’s and the fiber in North America – who knows how long it would have taken for networks to take a real shot at online only video services.


“In addition to funneling cash to legacy media providers by paying close to $3 billion for their programming, Netflix has schooled them on the way forward by challenging their business model without tipping it over.


It makes sense; after all, Netflix famously disrupted itself by moving away from DVD rentals and tackling streaming with a vengeance. There’s an upside for Netflix as well. As older media companies invest in streaming, they may begin to see net neutrality and better Internet infrastructure as more than just something Netflix should worry about.


It will be a while before the smoke clears from the current upheaval, with mergers, new players and the diversification of platforms. But with each passing day, it is becoming clear that content is not just a commodity — it is precious and valuable — and distribution is up for grabs.”


Via the “The Stream Finally Cracks the Dam of Cable … “


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