Gravitylab joins President Obama to demand net neutrality

Today, President Obama issued a statement calling for strong rules to ensure net neutrality. This is a BIG deal for people who think the Internet should be a place where innovation flourishes and consumers are in control, and gravitylab applauds President Obama for his leadership.


President Obama’s net neutrality proposal



The President calls on the FCC to adopt clear rules that require Internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all Internet traffic requested by consumers equally:


  • – No blocking: No ISP may block a consumer’s request for Internet content.
  • – No throttling: No ISP may degrade a consumer’s access to Internet content.
  • – Increased transparency: ISPs must be more transparent about how they handle traffic entering their networks so that consumers can tell who’s to blame for slow service.
  • – No paid prioritization: No ISP may charge for “prioritization” and put non-paying content providers in a “slow” lane.


The President also asks the FCC to reclassify consumer broadband as an essential “telecommunications service” under Title II of the Communications Act to ensure that the FCC has full authority to act. In short, the President is calling for the same rules that Vimeo and other Internet companies have demanded.

The fight continues

Because the FCC is an independent agency, it must still make up its own mind and issue final rules — possibly by the end of this year. Join us in demanding real net neutrality rules by liking and commenting on the President’s video (above) on Vimeo.


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